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Bio - Sylar

Originally posted by talldarknpsycho at Bio - Sylar
Name: Sylar
LJ:  talldarknpsycho
Fandom: Heroes
Canon Break: Post series
Powers:  Way too many to list. Main ones are Regen, telekinesis and intuitive aptitude.

Eternity sounds like such a wonderful thing but if you don't have something to keep your mind occupied you can start to lose touch.  I needed something to anchor me to this life, my reality.  At first I had Peter and my hatred of him.  Our fights were wonderful and epic but then it wasn't enough.  It was the same thing over and over because neither of us could die.  So I sent him away, I didn't know where nor did I care.

Problem was, without him I didn't have anything to keep me centered so I had to do the next best thing.  I started a family.  Yes, I know, it doesn't sound like me but I remember reading Adam Monroe's file.  He'd done the same thing so he would always have an anchor in time.  Thing was, he never had anything to do with them, he just watched them but never interfered.  That's where we differed.  I interfered.  I maneuvered things, used circumstances.  I knew eventually there had to be another like me, I couldn't be the only one.  The same with Peter, eventually there had to be another like him and I wanted to be ready when they did.

I saw the earth falling apart and took the opportunity.  I wanted power but I didn't want the limelight, I worked better in the shadows.  I became a ghost in the Alliance, the person they came to when they needed something done and no one else could do it.  Better to be the puppet master than the puppet.  I used them, of course, to watch my family and try to find the right one.  The one like me.

When they created the Suresh academy, I about laughed my head off.  Ironic but oh so fitting, but without it I never would've found him.  Michael, my descendant, my protege.  He's the reason I've been watching my family, he will be my companion and if anything ever does happen to me, he'll be the one to carry on.  For now it serves our purposes to let the Alliance think we work for them but at some point, things will change.

And we'll be ready.


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